Fresh seaside fish

If you fancy some fresh fish, Domburg won’t disappoint because its De Visbar restaurant is renowned throughout Zeeland. This is the place to be for tasty seafood, from lobster and oysters to a platter full of fruits de mer or sushi.

“Eat fresh fish at De Visbar, renowned throughout Zeeland and far beyond.”

As soon as you enter De Visbar, a holiday feeling overcomes you. This is mainly due to the interior with its fresh, Mediterranean blue and white decor. You can’t help noticing the huge ice bin with chilled fresh fish straight from the auction. One day it’s sea bass, another day it’s bream. Ask about the day’s catch when ordering. If you want to sample as many species of fish as possible, the best way is to share lots of dishes.

Hey, did you know?

The owners of De Visbar have another restaurant in Domburg: De Boterkapel. Just a few doors down the road, they specialise in various small dishes. Unusually, the kitchen is in the middle of the restaurant.

  De Visbar
Address: Ooststraat 6, Domburg
Open: check the website

Visbar Domburg