Fresh Frisian Water

Water sports fans have long known that Friesland is the place to be for an endless choice of sailing routes and a beautiful lake district.

If you don’t have much experience on water, every water sports town has a sailing school and Heeg is no exception.

Discover the Frisian wetlands and the vast nature reserves from the water.

Heeg is a real water sports village. From here you sail directly onto Heegermeer Lake, which is connected to all waterways in Friesland. You get the best views of the Friesian wetlands and the vast nature reserves as you sail through or moor up for a drink in one water sports village after the other. Ottenhome is one place you can rent a sloop, a motor boat or sailing boat. If you’re a landlubber, there are some superb cycling and hiking routes through the lake district around Heeg.

Hey, did you know?

Besides sailing in a traditional Frisian skûtsje or renting a sloop and sailing along the canals of the Eleven Cities, in Friesland you can also practice other water sports. There are various places in the province where you can go surfing, kite surfing, hydro flying or wakeboarding. SUP (stand-up paddling) is also an upcoming sport in Leeuwarden.

  Ottenhome Heeg
Address: It Butlan 2
Open: check the website

Ottenhome Heeg