Food for all the family

If you’d like to enjoy a drink with the kids, at Dries & Co in Els they are fully prepared. Besides the charcuterie and mixed snacks, the menu offers a children’s appetisers board with crisps, sausage, cheese, hot dog and a bitter ball. ​

“The biggest surprise is the children’s appetisers board.”

Dries & Co is a great place to drive to if you’d like to get away from the city for a while. This trendy restaurant is in Elst, a village between Arnhem and Nijmegen. It attracts a mixed clientele, from business people to the over 50s and families. The hustle and bustle and informality of a grand café means you don’t need to whisper so it’s the perfect place to bring kids. They can enjoy snacks from their own appetisers board or gaze in wonder at the sweets in the showcases.

Nice to know

The Gelderland village of Elst lies exactly between the Waal and Rhine rivers and its municipal boundary is marked by the Linge, the longest river in the Netherlands. It’s a lovely area for cycling.

Address: Valburgseweg 18C, Elst
Open: see website