Exploring on Horseback

Nature area de Manteling is excellently suited for discovery on horseback.

Various bridle paths have been created through this beautiful forest and dune area. One of the paths leads to Oostkapelle beach, allowing you to gallop along the water.

Exploring on horseback? Various bridle paths have been created in the forests and dunes of nature area de Manteling.

Riding school Duno is the place to be for a lovely forest, beach or combination ride. You can find these stables in Oostkapelle, nearby the beautiful sandy beach and nature area de Manteling. You can choose from various different kinds of horses: from Friesian horses to Haflinger horses and Shetland ponies, with whom you can also just take a walk through the forest. Afterwards, the kids can help groom the horse.

Hey, did you know?

Gallopping through nature area de Manteling, you may even encounter a fallow deer or doe. Another characteristic feature of this area are the stinzenplanten (exotics), plants that have become permanent residents of this area originating from the country estates.

  Manege Duno
Address: Dunoweg 5, Oostkapelle 
Open: Monday through Saturday
Online: manege-duno.nl

Manege Duno