Pay a visit to the future

Board this UFO and travel through the future of the past and the future of today!

Nothing is too crazy at the Evoluon. In Eindhoven's most futuristic building, you will be transported into the world of future thinkers in the most spectacular way. Travel through time via the various floors within this impressive UFO-shaped museum. How did we think about the future in the past? And what do we think about it now?

Be amazed by the beauty and absurdity of the future. Immerse yourself in a world full of nostalgia and technology and make yourself futureproof.

Paired with a good dose of nostalgia, in the first part of the museum you will discover various futuristic visions of future thinkers from the past. Where Da Vinci dreamt of flying in the 15th century, this became a reality at the beginning of the 20th century. And where calling via a screen used to be fiction, video calling is now common practice.

Further on, you'll explore what our expectations of the future are now. From robots and flying cars to futuristic houses and beauty tools. But the ‘doomsday scenarios’ of our distant future are also portrayed. When do our future fantasies go too far?

In the final section of the Evoluon, you will go on a journey of discovery to the distant future in a VR carousel as well as a deepfake photobooth.

Hey, did you know?

At Brasserie Next in the Evoluon, you get a taste of the future. A place to relax after your visit or a place to experience a true (taste) sensation. So, besides classic lunch dishes, you will also find dishes like salad jellyfish, umami popcorn and a lab-grown plant-based burger.

  Evoluon Eindhoven
Adres: Noord Brabantlaan 1a, 5652 LA Eindhoven
Online: Discover the Evoluon - Evoluon

Evoluon Eindhoven