Enchanting cherry orchard

The symbolic offering of the first basket of cherries (usually at the end of June) signals the start of cherry-picking season.

Cherry stalls spring up everywhere along the roads in the Kromme Rijn region and ‘De Achterdijk’ country store and orchard is a firm favourite.

Cherries are tastiest when freshly picked from the tree.

Cherries don’t come any fresher than when they’ve just been picked from the trees which is why the months of June and July mark the peak in activity at De Achterdijk’s orchard. You can enjoy a high tea complete with cherry-based delicacies, join a guided tour through the orchard or just go cherry-picking together and eat the fruits of your labour. Other types of fruit are grown here too and you’ll find all sorts of tempting regional produce in the store.

Hey, did you know?

The cherry belongs to the agricultural heritage of the Kromme Rijn (Crooke Rhine) region, one of the largest cherry-growing areas in the Netherlands. Blossoming cherry orchards form a picture-perfect backdrop to any spring walk or cycle ride.

  Plattelandwinkel De Achterdijk   
Address: Achterdijk 25, Bunnik
Online: krommerijnfruit.nl

Plattelandwinkel De Achterdijk