Dredging for dab and crab

You probably know what beachcombing is, but have you ever heard of dredge fishing?

Armed with a net, pulling bar and an otter board, you head down to the water’s edge to see what lives in the North Sea before checking your catch with a guide.

You drag a huge net through the sea together. What will we catch today?

In Noordwijk and Egmond you can go dredge fishing with Gjalt Sparrius of Denatuur­natuurlijk. Years of experience as a nature guide and dredge fisher along the North Sea Coast have taught him all about life in the sea. Before you get started with the net, the pulling bar and otter boards, the guide will tell you some interesting tales and explain dredge fishing to you. Then the fun starts and you drag the huge net through the seabed together. Plaice, shrimp, dab, turbot... What will we catch today?

Hey, did you know?

What you catch when dredging depends upon the weather conditions and the tides. One day you may catch a crab and a lobster, on another day it’ll be shrimps, dab and turbot, or you may even find a foot-long sole in the net.  

  Dredging for dab and crab
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