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Active Park with Animals

What once started out with just a few goats has grown into a full-fledged paradise for children over the years. At Kinderparadijs Malkenschoten, you can’t just pet and feed the animals, you can also climb and play, go for a drive in the Binkybus and visit the ‘Sprookjestheater’.

“Be sure to book a few hours for Kinderparadijs Malkenschoten, because your kids will have plenty to do with all that climbing, splashing and crossing!”

Be sure to book a few hours for Kinderparadijs Malkenschoten, because the kids will have plenty to do. How about a challenging climbing course, building your own hut or going for a ride on the pedalo? The kids can also enjoy the trampolines, play miniature golf, splash with water, cross through the traffic park and much more. The animals, with which it all began, are still there as well, from an alpaca to free-ranging chickens.

Nice to know!

On Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 15.00, there’s a fun show in the Sprookjestheater. This one-hour show is packed with cheerful songs, fun jokes and exciting stories.

  Kinderparadijs Malkenschoten
Address: Dubbelbeek 4, Apeldoorn 
Open: January and December daily from 10:00h to 16:30h
February through March and September through November, daily from 10.00 to 17.00
April through August daily from 10.00 to 18.00
Online: binky.nl

Kinderparadijs Malkenschoten