Bobbing on the Eemmeer

In Bunschoten-Spakenburg, you can rent a sloop or console boat at Marina Nieuw­boer to sail the Eemmeer lake.

Already a sailing enthusiast? Opt for a falcon.

If the sun’s shining, it's time to hit the water.

The Eem is an 18-kilometre long river that officially starts at the Koppelpoort in Amersfoort and ends on the Eemmeer lake. Marina Nieuw­boer lies on this lake and is a perfect starting point for an afternoon of floating around. From there, you can discover the Eem and sail towards Amersfoort via Soest. On the way, you’ll come by beautiful nature areas and pastures, as well as beautiful villages such as Eemdijk and Eembrugge. Sailing to a culinary stop? Navigate to, on the border of the provinces of Noord-Holland and Utrecht, for a cup of tea.

Hey, did you know?

Would you like to bike and sail? Board the Eemlijn with your bike (or with­out). This bike boat has the following boarding locations: Amersfoort, Soest, Baarn, Eemdijk, Spakenburg and Huizen. The Eemlijn sails from mid-April until mid-October. Check for the schedule and rates.

  Jachthaven Nieuwboer
Address: Westdijk 36, Bunschoten-Spakenburg 

Jachthaven Nieuwboer