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The Kick of Kitesurfing

What’s could be a better place to learn how to kitesurf than the coast of Zeeland? Particularly the beach of Vrouwenpolder is suitable thanks to the flat and shallow water. If you come with a group, experience the kick of kitesurfing together and take a class at Vertigo.

“The beach of Vrouwenpolder is the perfect kitesurf spot of the province of Zeeland. It’s particularly suitable for beginners because of the shallow and flat water.”

A kitesurfing lesson at Vertigo starts on the beach, where you learn how the mattress kite, also referred to as power kite, works. With a wind force of at least three, you can get to business. Put on a wetsuit and get into the water with a board and kite. To build a good foundation, Vertigo recommends taking a few hours of lessons for three to four days. In addition to kitesurfing, you can also sup, kayak, kite buggy and go surf grafting.

Nice to know!

Vertigo Sports isn’t just a kitesurf school, but also a surf shop where you can buy surf outfits and kite surfing gear. Suppers will also find a stand up paddleboard here.

  Strandrestaurant De DAM
Address: Strand Vrouwenpolder 80, Vrouwenpolder 

April through November daily from 10.00 to 17.00

check the website for the winter times  

Online: vertigo-sports.com

Strandrestaurant De DAM