Colossal clock faces

For magnificent views across Dordrecht, make sure you make the effort to climb the 275 stairs of the steeple.

You'll be able to see the city centre and the ports, as well as the Biesbosch, the rivers and, on a clear day, the tower of Breda Minster.

Four colossal clock faces define the silhouette of Dordrecht Minster.

The squat steeple on Dordrecht’s late gothic Grote Kerk was originally meant to look completely different. The steeple was meant to feature an octagonal, stone structure stretching up no fewer than 108 metres. On top of that, there were plans for a 50-metre tall spire, but the risk of it toppling put an end to both additions. In the end, the tower only reached 65 metres. However, in 1626, four colossal clock faces were added and they still define the silhouette of the Dordtse Dom.

Hey, did you know?

The Grote Kerk is still one of the city’s most important monuments. There are a number of notable features worth seeing, such as the intricately carved choir stalls and the stained glass windows. Be sure to climb the steeple!

  De Grote Kerk van Dordrecht
Address: Lange Geldersekade 2, Dordrecht

Grote Kerk, Dordrecht