Coffee at the Kweekcafé

In the Haarlem Nursery, gnomes point the way with rhymes and riddles, you can stroke animals in the play area or hide behind a large cactus in the tropical greenhouse. If you’re ready for a coffee, pie or lunch, drop in at the Kweekcafé.

“While the youngsters play with wooden toys in the greenhouse, parents can enjoy a coffee or organic lunch.”

The Kweekcafé is housed in what was the nursery’s garden. It was built using crowdfunding and has been a big hit since opening in 2016. Families can walk right through to the greenhouse where the kids can play with wooden toys. The hotchpotch of ‘recycled’ furniture add to the no-nonsense atmosphere. The menu lists dishes prepared with as much organic and local produce as possible.

Nice to know!

The municipality wants to turn the Haarlem Nursery into a sustainable urban park, which is why you find eco-entrepreneurs such as De Nieuwe Akker and Nederlands Hout there. Events, such as an organic market, are regularly held there.

Address: Kleverlaan 9, Haarlem 
Open: see website