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Coastal trail trek

Cycling and walking over the Kennemer Dunes is fun but a particularly special way of exploring this magnificent nature reserve is on horseback. Gallop through the surf or hack along bridleways through the meadows and forests.

“Harry, Nizzy and Coco are eager to get out onto the stunning Kennemer Dunes.”

Harry, Nizzy and Coco are eager to get out onto the stunning Kennemer Dunes. These are just three of the 77 horses at the Manege de Hoef stables in Egmond aan den Hoef. These stables are at the edge of the nature reserve making it a great starting place for a ride on the beach or over the dunes. If riding isn’t your thing, you can of course simple come along and stroke or groom the horses. You can also have a ride in the indoor or outdoor arena.

Nice to know

Egmond is actually made up of three villages: Egmond aan Zee, Egmond Binnen and Egmond aan den Hoef.

  Manege De Hoef
Address: Herenweg 130, Egmond aan den Hoef
Open: Tuesday to Friday from 2pm to 10pm; Saturdays from 9am to 8pm; Sundays from 10am to 4pm
Online: http://manegedehoef.nl

Manege De Hoef



Wonderful hostel just off the beach

Along the North Sea coast, in the middle of the local bulb fields.
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