Climbing the Church Tower

If you don’t suffer from vertigo, be sure to climb the red tower of the Gothic Sint Janskerk church, also called the ‘Sint Jan of Maastricht’.

From a height over 40 metres, you’ve got a stunning view of the Vrijthof, the city and the whole area.

The red tower of the Sint Janskerk is a striking landmark on the Vrijthof. Climb it for a fantastic view of the city and the whole surrounding area.

On Maastricht’s most famous square, Vrijthof, it’s impossible to miss: the Sint Janskerk. Its red tower makes this church a striking landmark. It dates from the 13th century and was built as a parish church for the clergy of the Sint Servaasbasiliek, so as to unburden that church as a pilgrimage place. When Maastricht was conquered from the Spaniards in the 17th century, it became a protestant church. The tower dates from the 15th century and is nearly 80-metres high. You can climb about halfway up.

Hey, did you know?

The commissioners of the Sint Servaas made the tower of the Sint Janskerk red to signify ownership. The paint used got its red colour from the limestone from the limestone caves that were infused with iron ore.

  St Janskerk
Address: Vrijthof 24, Maastricht

Sint Janskerk