Checking out Cube Houses

When standing in front of the cube houses by architect Piet Blom, your first thought will probably be: how can you live in a house with tilted walls?

For the answer, you’ll have to visit the Kijk-Kubus Museumwoning. This cube house will give you a good idea of what it’s like to live in a cube.

“Discover what it’s like to live in a Rotterdam Cube House, a great contributor to cityscape of architecture city Rotterdam.”

When you open a book on (Dutch) architecture, you’re sure to find the Rotterdam Cube Houses. And rightfully so, because these houses have been an architectural phenomenon for over 30 years and are an important contributor to the Rotterdam cityscape and the reputation as city of architecture. With the houses, Piet Blom aimed to build a kind of village within a big city. He viewed the houses as trees and the complex as the forest. This also explains the name of the building complex: Blaakse Bos (Forest).

Hey, did you know?

The Chess Piece Museum is also hidden among the houses. The collection contains antique chess games. The museum organises annual competitions where the contestants can design a chess game.

Address: Overblaak 70, Rotterdam
Open: see website