Canal Trip through Alkmaar

Okay, it’s a tourist attraction, but we certainly recommend a boat trip through the canals of Alkmaar.

You’ll get a good impression of the Alkmaar of today and of the days past in about 45 minutes. A great way to meet the city, but mind your head along the way!

See the many beautiful monumental buildings and wooden draw bridges of the cheese city during a boat trip through the Alkmaar canals.

The tour boat is located opposite the Waaggebouw, which wasn’t only a weigh house but also a chapel. Nowadays, it houses the tourist information centre and the Cheese Museum. During the boat trip through the canals, you’ll see many more beautiful, monumental buildings. Your guide can tell you about all about them. There are plenty of Kodak moments along the way, such as the wooden draw bridges. Some of the 22 bridges you pass are so low you have to duck.

Hey, did you know?

To truly discover the essence of cheese city Alkmaar, you must attend the famous cheese market which is located on the Waagplein every Friday morning from April through September. In July and August, there’s also a cheese market on Tuesday evenings.

  Rondvaart door de Alkmaarse grachten
Address: De Mient, Alkmaar (schuin tegenover het Waaggebouw)   
Open: see website


De Mient, Alkmaar