Canal cruise from the back door

Everyone knows the canals of Amsterdam and the Oudegracht in Utrecht, but few people know that The Hague has canals too. There are even 5 different types of boat trips possible in the royal city.

Hop on the boat and see The Hague from a completely different angle! In addition to the canals, there are also three routes towards the North Sea and two towards Loosduinen. It's even possible to sail from the Haagse Bos to Huis ten Bosch and Wassenaar. Boat tickets can be ordered as an add-on when booking at Stayokay The Hague.

You can even take the boat right to Scheveningen beach. With De Willemsvaart, the boat moors at the jetty of the hostel and costs just €7.50 for a day at the beach & cruise in one!

Hey, did you know?

The Willemsvaart is named after King Willem I, who - at the request of Mayor Copes van Cattenburch - initiated the digging of a waterway from The Hague's Prinsessegracht to Scheveningen.

  Willemsvaart Rondvaart Scheveningen
Tel: 06 19853280