Bucolic bliss at Pluk

Pluk is a bit of countryside in The Hague where you can stroke animals, have fun in a nature playground, pick seasonal fruit and flowers and much more. It’s simply a spot that keeps kids happy for hours.

“From stroking the horse and letting a guinea pig sit on your lap to racing go-karts or walking along narrow paths: there’s so much to see and do at Pluk.”

Right, where shall we begin? Perhaps you’d like to stroll along the narrow wildlife garden paths, looking for interesting animals and plants. Or maybe you’ll head straight for the petting zoo where you can put a guinea pig on your lap or stroke the horse. You might prefer to stay in the lunchroom while the children have a whale of time on the go-karts. If you come here from May to October, you can also pick an ever-changing assortment of flowers, fruit and vegetables in the garden.

Nice to know

Pluk is also a care farm and garden. Every day dozens of people work with nature at their own pace.

Address: Loosduinse Hoofdstraat 1184a, The Hague
Open: see website
Online: plukdenhaag.nl

Pluk! Den Haag