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Eyecatcher with a View

The mill with the fair name Kyck over den Dyck is the only remaining mill in Dordrecht. Standing on the stage, you’ve got a beautiful view of the city. You can buy whole-wheat flour and other flour products in the shop on Saturday. Come and see!

“The mill with the fair name Kyck over den Dyck is the only remaining mill in the city.”

A mill right in the middle of the city: you don’t see that very often. Therefore, it’s impossible to miss the round brick stage mill Kyck over den Dyck when walking through the historic city centre of Dordrecht. The mill stands on the Noordendijk, where multiple mills used to be located. Kyck over den Dyck was built in 1612 to grind malt for local beer brewers. In the end, this didn’t create much profit, so the mill started grinding corn in 1740. To this day, the mill still grinds flour, which can be purchased in the mill’s shop.

Nice to know!

Before Kyck over den Dyck was a round stage mill, there was a post mill on this location. This type of mill has a square house and a wooden post, a firm, upright round beam. The mill house can be turned towards the wind around this post.

  Kyck over den Dyck
Address: Noordendijk 144, Dordrecht
Open: Saturday from 10.00 to 16.00 (in July and August until 13.00)
Online: molen-dordrecht.nl

Kyck over den Dyck