Bike & Brew Adventure in Utrecht

Immerse yourself in the stories of the fellow tourists with whom you cycle through Utrecht. Enjoy the local beers and the juicy details the Utrecht brewers know to tell about them!

Hop in the saddle of the Bike & Brew Adventure and experience stories that will stay with you, even without pictures of them!

"Experience this Utrecht beer tasting experience together by bike!"

Leave the city center behind and bike through a part of Utrecht you didn't see before. Give your weekend getaway a boost with the Bike & Brew Adventure, with companionship, fun discoveries and delicious local beers.

Connect yourself with the brewery's stories; "How did they get started? Why do they choose to serve this particular beer?" Learn all about Utrecht beer and discover what makes each brewery so special.

During this bike tour, 3 local breweries will be visited. At each location a delicious cold beer will of course be served, included in the package price! 

did you know?

Utrecht has more than 245 kilometers of bicycle paths and 18 kilometers of bicycle streets. The largest bike park in the world with 3 floors and space for 12,500 bikes is located at the central station.

  Bike & Brew Adventure
Starting point: Stayokay Utrecht Centrum, Neude 5