Benelux's largest indoor skate park

Flexing with an Ollie? Or improving your kickflip? Show off your skills at skateĀ­park Area51 in Eindhoven! Not a skateboard fanatic? Even without one, you can come here.

Area 51 is a unique place in Eindhoven that has been developing for years, where sports, culture and creativity come together.

All forms of urban culture can be found here

The old industrial area of Philips is now Eindhoven's creative breeding ground. On this site you'll find Area51, a place you can't ignore. With a huge area of indoor skate track, this is the largest indoor skate park in the Benelux. All kinds of 'Urban Sports' are performed here on a daily basis. From skateboarding, BMX and freerunning to roller skating and stunt scooters. And don't worry if you have two left legs: at Area51 you can take lessons from the pros in this field!

Do you prefer to sit on the sidelines? Area51 is still the place for you! Besides Urban Sports, you'll also find Urban dance, Urban Art, music and spoken word. There are regular events you can visit to immerse yourself in the world of Urban Culture. Outside the big events, you are always welcome in the cosy cafƩ for a snack and a drink overlooking the skate track. When are you planning your visit?

Hey, did you know?

When Philips still had its factories there, only its employees knew what was happening on the Strijp-S site. Nowadays, everyone can enjoy this piece of heritage and Strijp-S has become the cultural heart of Eindhoven. Old factory buildings have been transformed into creative studios, cafƩs and shops. Dutch Design Week also takes place here every year.

  Area51 Eindhoven
Adres: Ketelhuisplein 18, 5617AE, Eindhoven

Area51 Eindhoven