Back to the ‘50s by bike

As far as beach pavilions go, Heartbreak Hotel is something special. The sounds of Elvis Presley blast from the speakers and there’s no avoiding the Burning Love Burger XL and milkshakes. It’s back to the fifties! 

“The interior immerses you in 1950s atmosphere with posters of Cadillacs and Elvis Presley.”

To get to Heartbreak Hotel, you’ve got some pedalling to do before you reach Oosterend, especially if there’s a headwind. Just remember that you’ll have the wind behind you on the way back and that you’ve really earned that Burning Love Burger XL. Once inside, you’re immersed in 1950s atmosphere with posters of Cadillacs and Elvis Presley, a jukebox, red and pastel-coloured furniture and of course the sound of rock ‘n’ roll music. 

Nice to know!

Osterend is the last village on the east side of Terschelling. It’s in this village that marks the eastern limit of the island’s main road. The Boschplaat, a nature reserve and Dark Sky Park adjoining Oosterend, offers stunning walking and cycling routes. 

  Heartbreak Hotel  
Address: Oosterender Badweg 70, Oosterend
Open: see website

Heartbreak Hotel