Apeldoorn arts centre

CODA is Apeldoorn’s cultural centre that houses city’s library, museum and archive, so you can go there for anything connected with literature, art and history. 

“Everything connected with literature, art and history can be found under one roof at CODA.”

What to expect at CODA? It’s where locals go to look through the archive containing no less than five kilometres of documentation to find out about their ancestors and the history of their homes. The library houses a highly varied collection of books and the museum hosts a wide range of fascinating exhibitions by national, international and regional artists. Although the exhibitions are constantly changing, they are always based around jewellery and paper art. 

Hey, did you know?

The reason why lots of exhibits in the CODA Museum are based around paper is that it plays a key role in the region. The Middelste Molen paper mill in Loenen still makes paper each week.

Address: Vosselmanstraat 299, Apeldoorn
Open: check the website (CODA Museum)
Online: www.coda-apeldoorn.nl

CODA Museum