Amazing Art at the Kunsthal

Rotterdam has so many renowned museums, it’s hard to choose which one to visit.

One of the most important reasons to opt for the Kunsthal, is that you’ll see something different every time. From art and fashion to photography and science.

“From art and fashion to photography and science: it’s always a surprise what you’ll be seeing in the Kunsthal.”

It’s always a surprise what the seven exhibition halls have on display this time. The works of old masters, for instance, or the design by innovative designers, or it’s all about photo­graphy. Feel inspired to make your own art? Go to the KunsthalLAB where you can follow a workshop everyday in the theme of the exhibitions (also fun for children!). End your visit in the Kunsthalcafé, where you’re surrounded by even more art.

Hey, did you know?

Not only the exhibitions of the Kunsthal attract a lot of visitors, the building that houses the museum is popular as well. It was designed by the famous architect Rem Koolhaas and is one of the icons of modern architecture. The design is famed for its innovative use of materials, the location of the entrance and the steep ramps.

  Kunsthal Rotterdam
Address: Westzeedijk 341, Rotterdam

Kunsthal Rotterdam