All the Basics for Baking

From baking tins and mixing bowls to the best baking books and other baking necessities. In the Bakbarwinkel, everything is about the B of baking. Enthusiastic home bakers are guaranteed to leave the shop with something new. Aspiring home bakers can take the workshop of top baker Jet.

“The Bakbarwinkel is a true paradise for baking fans. Here, you can find the very best baking supplies and you can learn about the fine art of baking, which means you’ll never ruin another pie again.”

If you love baking, the Bakbarwinkel is definitely the place to be. Here, Jet bakes the most delicious pies and cakes. In a workshop, she teaches you about the fine art of baking, which means you’ll never again have a failed pie. And once you’ve got the hang of it, of course you need the very best baking supplies. Good news: the shop is simply filled with these. And to make baking even easier, the shop also has DIY packages complete with recipe cards and weighed ingredients.

Nice to know!

On Friday, the Bakbarwinkel sometimes teams up with restaurant Zuijders at the other side of the street. Then, you can make a lemon-merengue pie as dessert at Bakbar. When the pie’s in the oven, you can grab a bite to eat at Zuijders. Once the homemade pie is ready, you can eat it at the restaurant.

Address: Klarendalseweg 434, Arnhem 
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