A Round of Golf in the City

Would you like to be active, but also get to know the city better? Time for a game of urban street golf.

And no, you won’t be standing on gently rolling greens. Rather, the city and its natural obstacles form the setting for your golf match.

“No gently rolling greens, but the city and its natural obstacles form the setting for urban street golf.”

Just like in a regular golf clinic, the course must be played in as few strokes as possible. The only difference is that the ball is much softer. And that’s an absolute necessity, because you’ll be hitting the window of an office building or a passer-by before you know it. By walking from city hole to city hole, you’ll discover the best places the city has to offer in a very surprising way. Additionally, it all comes down to who’s the best street golfer. There’s a nice price waiting for the winner.

Hey, did you know?

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  Urban Street Golf
Address: Starting location is announced after reservation
Open: upon reservation
Online: www.urbangolfunit.com