A rest home for horses

Did you know that horses and ponies can also go to a retirement home?

At 20 years of age they can enjoy a well-earned rest at Stichting De Paardenkamp. Visitors can walk around the farms and give the horses a cuddle, of course.

Elderly horses and ponies can enjoy a well-earned retirement at De Paardenkamp.

Carolina, Oene, Romeo, Spotty and Tjerk are just five of the 120 horses that currently reside at Stichting De Paardenkamp. Thanks to donors and volunteers, after years of loyal service, they can now enjoy a comfortable retirement. They can graze in the pasture, they are groomed and given fresh bedding as often as possible. At De Paardenkamp farms you can see the accommodation, go on a guided tour, and of course feed and cuddle the horses.

Hey, did you know?

On De Paardenkamp’s website, you can see which horses have gone up to equine heaven over the years. Click on their photos, and those of current residents, to read short articles about their lives.

  Stichting De Paardenkamp​
Address: Birkstraat 96, Soest
Online: http://www.paardenkamp.nl

Stichting De Paardenkamp