100% eco enjoyment

Put a whole day aside for a visit to the Oud Ameliswaard and Rhijnauwen estates as there’s so much to do there. You can take lovely walks through the riparian forest, marvel at historic buildings, visit the MOA museum and, maybe best of all, pause for refreshments in De Veldkeuken.

“Vegetables, fruit and herbs: many ingredients come directly from the estate’s centuries-old vegetable gardens.”

De Veldkeuken in the coach house on the Oud Amelisweerd estate is a 100% organic café and restaurant that is regularly featured in magazines, and there’s a good reason for that. Lots of menu items are grown in the centuries-old vegetable gardens and the pies and sourdough bread come from the estate’s own bakery. In summer you can enjoy sunbathing on the terrace overlooking the Kromme Rijn River and in winter there’s stove in the drawing room.

Hey, did you know?

The Oud Ameliswaard Estate is in a riparian forest, making it unique because deciduous woodland on clay soil is very rare in the Netherlands. There are ancient birches and oaks, lots of different species of mushrooms and unusual non-native plants. You may even spot roe deer, buzzards or kingfishers there.

  De Veldkeuken Amelisweerd
Address: Koningslaan 11a, Bunnik
Online: veldkeuken.nl

De Veldkeuken Amelisweerd