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Hostel Utrecht - Centrum - Groups

Stayokay Utrecht - Centrum, the ideal group accommodation

Facilities in the hostel

Stayokay Utrecht - Centrum is the ideal group accommodation. The hostel, which is located on Neude, in the middle of the city centre, has 256 beds. Its helpful staff and the vast scope of things to do mean you are certain that your whole group will enjoy an unforgettable stay.

  • Bar
  • Restaurant
  • 256 beds
  • Arrangement of rooms: 21 x 2-person / 2 x 3-person / 13 x 4-person / 19 x 6-person / 4 x 8-person / 1 x 10-person

group application form

Specific information for your group

School camps, work weeks or introduction days; all are possible! Besides the many facilities in and around the hostel, the city of Utrecht offers a wide range of opportunities for educational and cultural activities.

Stayokay Utrecht - Centrum is a superb location for team outings for all kinds of sports groups and clubs. Have a look too at all the great group activities that the hostel has to offer.

Rehearse in one of the multifunctional halls with great acoustics or have an outing with your band or music club. 

Utrecht is the ideal place to stay with your group of friends. The modern, spacious hostel has a great bar.