Terschelling Group Accommodation

35 rooms   152 beds   3 multifunctional rooms

Terschelling is a great location for a school trip, a working week or an (introduction) camp. The beautiful scenery and the feeling of freedom on the island combined with educational components and spectacular activities form the ideal mix.

Come out with your team and enjoy a sporty and relaxing weekend on Terschelling. Enjoy a barbecue, mountain bike tour, or blokarting on the beach.

Group facilities

Stayokay Terschelling is beautifully situated on top of a dune. From the hostel, you can enjoy a wide view of the Wadden Sea, the dunes and the harbour of West Terschelling.

  • Bar
  • Restaurant
  • Over 140 beds
  • 4 multifunctional rooms
  • Terrace with seaside view
  • Volleyball & football pitch
  • All-inclusive packages
  • Bike rental

The perfect base for groups

The hostel is located within walking distance of West-Terschelling. There's plenty to discover and groups can benefit from all the comforts and facilities in and around the hostel. Are you looking for fun outdoor activities such as cycling, mudflat hiking or walking? Or do you prefer to soak up culture and discover historical places?

Terschelling has it all: wonderful museums, cosy villages and exquisite nature. And the best part is, all activities can be conveniently booked from the hostel!

Group activities on Terschelling

Travelling to Terschelling with your group? Great fun of course! But where do you start organising your trip? We are happy to share our favourite tips with you to have an unforgettable time!

Free activities

  • The best way to discover Terschelling is by bicycle. At the hostel, a complete cycling tour including assignments will be waiting for you.
  • The hostel is located on the edge of the forest. How exciting is it to play an exciting game of 'Stratego Alive' at dusk?
  • Organise a mud flat excursion. Ask us if you can borrow our Wadden Sea work chests, packed with materials for your own Wadden Sea excursion.
  • Bring your fishing rod and net and catch crabs in the marina. And finish with a crab race, of course.

Paid activities

  • Introduce your group to farm life. At farm Halfweg, you can stroke lambs and learn all about cheese making. Of course, you can also do some tasting. For groups, they offer an adapted tour in accordance with your group's interests and available time.
  • Play Miniature golf at the Molenbaan. Organise a tournament, the winner will be honoured during a celebratory evening!
  • Challenging group activities at the dune lake are raft building and archery. Who will build the raft that stays afloat the longest? And who will shoot all the arrows into the bull's-eye?
  • Go Powerkiting on the North Sea beach. Kite flying has never been so spectacular! After a short introduction, your group can work with the NASA wings themselves.
  • Discover the wilderness of Terschelling on a seal tour. An absolute must to complete your visit to the island.

Other fun activities include the museum ‘t Behouden Huys, the pool the Dôbe, or the climbing forest.

Also ask for our complete 'Schooltrip to Terschelling' package. 3, 4 or 5 days fully catered from €149.50 p.p.

Sustainability is very important to us. To you as well? Check out the sustainable activities in the surroundings of Stayokay Terschelling.

Ready to go?

Are you thinking of visiting us? Fun! We can't wait to show you around our hostel. If you have any questions or comments before your stay or if you want to book something extra, you can always send an email to terschelling@stayokay.com.

What else do you need to know?

  • Let us know in advance if you want to rent the meeting room
  • It is also useful to know this in advance when booking lunch and dinner.

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