Soest Group Accommodation

34 rooms   132 beds   7 multifunctional rooms

Stayokay Soest is located centrally in the Netherlands and is easily accessible by public transport or car. This hostel is located in a spacious wooded area near the Soesterduinen.

Walking, cycling, outdoor activities, sports, meetings, culture or a day trip to Utrecht or Amersfoort; the options are infinite.

Group facilities

The cosy hostel offers all the necessary facilities for a comfortable stay. Families, groups and companies all feel at home here. Meet in a friendly atmosphere, at the bar, in the restaurant, on the terrace or by the campfire!

  • Restaurant
  • Bar and terrace
  • Over 125 beds
  • 7 multifunctional rooms
  • Bike rental
  • Lawn & campfire area
  • Volleyball & football pitch
  • Free parking for car and bus

Group accommodation in nature

Stayokay Soest is beautifully situated in the middle of the woods and close to the Soesterduinen nature reserve. On the grounds of the hostel, there's a large terrace, a playground, a campfire area and a picnic spot. There are also several sports fields nearby. A perfect location for different kinds of groups.

Walk the Klompenpad (clog path): a 9 or 5-kilometre tour along the various landscapes. Explore the Soesterduinen by carriage or covered wagon or discover the nearly 18 kilometres long river Eem by canoe or rowing boat! Of course, you can also choose to rent a bike. It's all possible. Ask the hostel staff for advice on which activities are suitable for your group.

Want to know more? Please contact the hostel for more information!

Group Activities in and around Soest

Travelling to Soest with your group? Great fun of course! But where do you start organising your trip? We are happy to share our favourite tips with you to have an unforgettable time!

Free activities

  • Walk the Klompenpad (clog path) through old farmland. Don't forget your packed lunch to enjoy a picknick halfway.
  • Organise a sports afternoon around the hostel. There's plenty of space! Assemble your own teams and go to battle. The winners will be honoured during a celebratory evening.
  • The greatest petting zoo in the area of Soest is the Veenweide. Come and admire the animals and test all the play equipment.
  • Enjoy an evening around the campfire on the hostel's own grounds! Bring your guitar.
  • Discover the Soesterberg Airbase Park. Experience the wide view from the runway and enjoy its exceptional natural beauty. Soesterberg Airbase Park is a unique area, a treasure trove full of surprises. Explore the former airbase on foot or by bicycle.

Other fun free activities: visit horse sanctuary the Paardenkamp or visitor farm the Gagelgat.

Paid activities

  • Visit the National Military Museum and learn all about the armed forces. You'll find various (changing) exhibitions and all kinds of activities around the museum. It is also possible to order lesson packages. Giving your group the opportunity to explore at their own level.
  • Amersfoort Zoo is well worth a visit. Go wild and discover the animals up close. Did you know there's a climbing route above, below and between the animals?
  • Rent a mountain bike and discover the beautiful surroundings of Soest by bike.

Other cool activities are cheese farm the Stealenhoef or canoe and boat rental the Kleine Melm.

Ready to go?

Are you thinking of visiting us? Fun! We can't wait to show you around our hostel. If you have any questions or comments before your stay or if you want to book something extra, you can always send an email to

What else do you need to know?

  • Let us know in advance if you want to rent the meeting room
  • It is also useful to know this in advance when booking lunch and dinner.

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