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This hostel features:

29 rooms   136 beds   3 multifunctional rooms

Are you looking for a group stay? Stayokay Noordwijk offers tailor-made holidays for every group; whether you're a group of 10 guests, 50 guests or even more, we'll arrange it all for you!

In the cosy hostel, guests come and go, either to get ready for an activity or to take a breather. Are you looking for a place to hold a meeting, a festive evening or a creative workshop? The hostel has several quietly situated rooms. 

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Sharing a room with your group

We have 2-, 4-, 6-, 8-person rooms for groups. In all our rooms you'll find:

  • Private shower and toilet
  • Bedding
  • Storage space
  • WiFi

Forgot to pack your towel? No problem, you can rent a towel at the hostel. Do you want us to arrange your towels, shampoo and shower gel? That is also possible!

Group facilities

What can you find in the hostel?

We always encourage our guests to enjoy themselves. But we also provide entertainment within the hostel walls and the necessary ingredients you need to get into the holiday atmosphere. What can you find here?

  • Restaurant
  • Over 125 beds
  • Bar
  • Volleyball court
  • Terrace
  • Board and video games
  • 3 multifunctional rooms
  • Bike rental
  • Garden with lawn and barbecue area
  • Parking space for car and bus (free!)


Time for action!

Coming specially for an energetic trip? Look no further! In the vicinity of the hostel you will find everything you need.

Facility Distance
Football field 2 km
Swimming pool 4 km
Tennis 2 km

Let's eat

Breakfast, lunch, dinner or drinks!

Hungry? Did you know you can also join our hostel for an extensive dinner buffet? In any case, your breakfast is always included. Going out for the day? Then take a packed lunch with you. Would you rather have lunch at the table? Book these in advance of your stay.

A barbecue is also possible on request. Allergies or special dietary requirements? Let us know and we will take it into account.


Noordwijk is bustling!

Going to Noordwijk with your group? Great fun of course! But where do you start organising your trip? We are happy to share our favourite tips with you to have an unforgettable time!


  • Stayokay Noordwijk is beautifully situated in the midst of the dunes. The perfect place to organise a fun treasure hunt!
  • From the hostel, you can walk straight to the beach A fun and games afternoon is organised in no time. Beach volleyball, a game of batting ball, tug of war or a sandcastle building competition. The winner will be honoured during a celebratory evening in one of our halls.
  • The surrounding area is great for walking or cycling. There are many great routes worth exploring. A great activity to do with your group!


  • From Noordwijk you can quickly reach Leiden. There, you'll find perhaps the most interesting museum in the Netherlands: Corpus. Take a journey through the human body and be amazed!
  • In Noordwijk, you'll find indoor trampoline centre Jumpin' Noordwijk. The perfect place to practice your somersaults and find out who can jump the highest!
  • Always wanted to know what it's like to float in space? You'll find the answer to this question and many others at Museum Space Expo in Noordwijk.
  • FootGolf is a combination of football and golf, where the aim is to get the ball into the hole in as few kicks as possible. FootGolf is done on a golf course and instead of a golf ball and golf clubs, you use a football and your feet.
  • At Space Expo, you'll discover the world of space travel in all its aspects. From designing and building space missions on Earth to launching into space. Fun and educational!

Another great activity is 'Korren'. Accompanied by a guide, you'll discover what lives in the surf of the North Sea!

Did you know that you can also rent bicycles and scooters from us? Let us know and we'll arrange it so you can explore Noordwijk without delay!

Good to know!

Thinking of visiting us? We can't wait to show you around our hostel! If you've got any questions or comments before your stay or need help making a booking, drop us a line at or call us on 0252 372920.

What else do you need to know?

  • It is not possible to pay for your accommodation afterwards.
  • Please let us know in advance if you want to rent a meeting room.
  • It is also useful to know this in advance when booking lunch and dinner.

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