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33 rooms   144 beds   4 multifunctional rooms

Water, nature, sports and city. Stayokay Dordrecht is located  in a beautiful spot, on the edge of De Biesbosch National Park. Are you organising a group trip, a meeting or a party? Then Stayokay Dordrecht is the place to be!

Stayokay Dordrecht is located on the edge of the Biesbosch National Park. The hostel is located at the water's edge, so you can step into your canoe or whisper boat from the adjacent jetty. The information centre, beaver forest and observatory are within walking distance. After all that natural beauty, you can also take your group to the beautiful historic city, or to Rotterdam by fast boat. Plenty of options! You can also spend the night in a wikkelhouse, a holiday home made of recycled cardboard!

Group Facilities

Water, nature, sports and city. Stayokay Dordrecht is located in a beautiful spot, on the edge of De Biesbosch National Park. Are you organising a group trip, a meeting or a party? Then Stayokay Dordrecht is the place to be!

  • Restaurant
  • Bar
  • Over 135 beds
  • 4 multifunctional rooms
  • Volleyball & basketball court
  • Canoe, rowing & boat hire
  • Free parking
  • Barbecue facilities

Responsible conferencing

Stayokay Dordrecht is located in a surprisingly beautiful place in the Netherlands. The hostel is a hidden gem in De Biesbosch National Park and has been completely renovated into a beautiful modern location, including a lovely terrace on the water with a scenic view of nature.

The hostel offers various meeting packages, but organising a tailor-made meeting is also possible of course. And did you know that by holding your meeting at Stayokay, you're contributing to the Stay4all fund? This makes it possible for every child to go on a school trip!

Group Activities in Dordrecht

Travelling to Dordrecht with your group? Great fun of course! But where do you start organising your trip? We're happy to share our favourite tips with you to have an unforgettable time!

Free activities

  • Play area Biesbosch Information Centre The Biesbosch information centre is within walking distance of the hostel. The perfect starting point for an excursion through this beautiful nature reserve.
  • A hike through the Biesbosch is the perfect activity to easily arrange yourself. Gather your information at the visitor centre and set off with your class to discover the secrets of the Biesbosch! Perhaps you'll even spot some beavers!
  • In museum Het Hof van Nederland, you'll experience how we deal with our freedoms in the Netherlands, past and present, told from different perspectives. Admission is free and the museum offers various educational programmes (free up to 18 years of age).
  • Visit the oldest castle ruins in the Netherlands. Castle Merwede is free of charge and a good addition to, for example, a history assignment!
  • Discover the historic centre of Dordrecht on foot with your class. Download one of the many city walks available and dive into the history of the Netherlands.

Paid activities

  • The Playground Stadspolders is a place where children can enjoy playing outdoors. There are also several indoor spaces available, and the complex has a kitchen, so you can bake bread together!
  • The Kids Beaver Tour. Next to the information centre, you'll find the Beverbos. During the beaver tour, you'll learn all about beavers and their habitat. You will also board a whisper boat. To search for traces of beavers.
  • Visit Observatory Mercurius. Here, you'll discover that nature reaches further than the treetops. An exciting evening with demonstrations, a guided tour and, of course, a look through the telescopes yourself!
  • Time for action! Send your group up a tree at Climbing forest Biesbosch. Challenge yourself on the thrilling course between the treetops.

Other great activities include a visit to the Education Museum, discovering art in DordtYart, climbing the tower of Dordrecht's large church or an exciting escape room!

Sustainability is very important to us at Stayokay. To you as well? Check out the sustainable group activities in the surroundings of Dordrecht.

Good to know

Are you thinking of visiting us? Fun! We can't wait to show you around our hostel. If you have any questions or comments before your stay or if you want to book something extra, you can always send an email to

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  • Let us know in advance if you want to rent the meeting room
  • It is also useful to know this in advance when booking lunch and dinner.

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