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Stayokay for groups of musicians

Practicing, rehearsing for a performance or just for fun? Stayokay offers great facilities for a musical stay.

Stayokay for groups of musicians

Do you play or sing in a choir, orchestra or band and are you looking for a place to practice? Everyone is welcome at Stayokay hostels. The rooms have perfect acoustics. In addition, many of the hostels are in quiet locations where the surroundings aren’t bothered by sound. All our options mean your musical stay is guaranteed to be inspiring!

Available in the following hostels

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Facilities in the hostels

  • Spacious rooms with bunk beds and with their own shower and toilet
  • Rooms that can be used for practice, performances, storage and much more
  • Stayokay Café
  • Great acoustics in the rooms
  • Stages, sound equipment and piano can be arranged
  • Help with organising concerts or performances
  • Various types of chairs, rooms and set-ups are possible
  • Delicious (organic) meals
  • Indoor games such as table tennis, Wii, table football, darts and board games
BBQen bij Stayokay

Around the hostels

Barbecue facilities
Campfire area
Bicycle rental

Actief eropuit bij Stayokay

Actively out and about

The most popular activities include*:

  • GPS trail
  • Hexathlon
  • Archery
  • Scooters
  • Forest golf
  • Climbing forest

*Tailor-made activities under supervision of TÜV certified professionals. The hostel is happy to help you organise things.

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Available in the following hostels:

Stayokay offers diverse locations in inspiring places. Select a hostel on the map for more information: