Walk Through a Water Village

Heeg is of course a water sport village par excellence, but the area has many more great towns. Take the picturesque Langweer, for instance, situated in the middle of the Frisian Lakes. Sail there (or hop on your bike) and take a lovely walk through the village with your smartphone.

“In the area of Heeg, there are many more great water sports towns, such as the picturesque Langweer where you can take a historic walk with your smartphone.”

Curious what life used to be like in Langweer? Take a historic walk following iBeacons with your smartphone. These are small devices that send a signal via Bluetooth and tell you more about a particular site, such as the Langweerder mill, Osingastate, the Weversstreek region and De Waag. Download the lightcurb app in the app store prior to your walk. Remember to switch on Bluetooth to receive all information.

Nice to know!

Also want to visit some cute shops in Langweer? Don’t forget Bartele Gallery. Here, you’ll find old maps, lithos, etches, prints and books. Moreover, it’s located in the monumental Regtshuys.

  VVV Langweer
Address: Buorren 26, Langweer (tourist information centre) 
Open: route can be walked the whole year round
Online: www.visitlangweer.nl/lightcurb​

VVV Kantoor Langweer