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Unwinding After the Dunes

After a cycling or hiking trip through the Noord-Hollands Duinreservaat, you can stop at Gasterij Nieuw Westert for coffee and cake, lunch, dinner or a well-deserved drink. With a play house and a sandbox on the grounds, it’s also a kids-proof address.

“Once you’ve discovered Gasterij Nieuw Westert, you’ll keep coming back. Such a lovely quiet spot in the middle of the dunes of Noord-Holland!”

Gasterij Nieuw Westert calls itself a hidden pearl. And that’s definitely true, because you won’t find it unless you know it’s there. Once you’ve been there, you’ll keep coming back to this monumental dune farm in Egmond-Binnen. At a quiet spot, in the middle of the dunes of North Holland, this Gasterij offers culinary enjoyment. The menu is season-specific, and they work with regional products as much as possible. Children can run around in the large yard and play in the playhouse.

Nice to know!

Also visit the St. Adelbert Abbey in Egmond-Binnen. This is the oldest abbey in the Netherlands, founded in the 10th century. You can purchase several abbey products in the shop that’s open from Tuesday through Saturday from 12.00 to 16.30.

  Borrelen bij Gasterij Nieuw Westert
Address: Oude Schulpweg 18, Egmond-Binnen  
Open: daily from 9.00 
Online: nieuwwestert.nl

Gasterij Nieuw Westert



Wonderful hostel just off the beach

Along the North Sea coast, in the middle of the local bulb fields.
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