Swirling in an Inflatable Ball

If you’re in for a laugh, you should play a game of bubble football. You’ll be put in a gigantic plastic ball that also serves as a bumper. This leads to hysterical scenes where you bump into each other trying to hit the ball and spin and roll across the field.

“Bubble football creates a great spectacle. You can bump, push and fall all you want without feeling a thing.”

People often think of bowling, an escape room or miniature golf for a group outing. But then you certainly haven’t heard of bubble football yet! At Sports centre De Karmel, they offer this activity, combined with a barbecue if you wish. A great activity to do with friends, family or colleagues. Bubble football is nothing more than just football, but then inside an inflatable ball. You can bump, push and fall without feeling anything. Spectacle guaranteed!

Nice to know!

Isn’t bubble football something for your group? At De Karmel you can also play tennis and squash.

  Bubble football
Address: Karmel 4, Bergen op Zoom  
Open: winter period Monday through Friday and Sunday from 8.30 to 0.00, Saturday from 8.30 to 14.00
Online: www.bubbelvoetbalboz.nl

Sportcentrum De Karmel