Let’s Play Some Paintball

Paintball is always a great idea when you’re looking for a fun activity for a bachelor party, outing with colleagues or friends. Because one thing’s for certain: it’s not boring! Everything is about strategy, gumption and teamwork.

“An afternoon of paintball is anything but boring. A perfect outing to test your teamwork!”

You must have heard of paintball, but have you ever played it? In this active game, you shoot at each other with environmentally-friendly balls of paint. In Dordrecht, you can do this at Paintball Zone along the A16 motorway. You’ll find three large outdoor courts with various themes and obstacles: Western Zone, Speedball Zone and Urban Zone. Together with your team, you battle for a flag. Good teamwork and the right tactics are essential. After the game, you can get a bite to eat.

Hey, did you know?

In paintball, you’ve got different types of games. For instance, you can play for a flag, shoot everyone in the other group or play the president’s game. In this game, each team has a president. If the president is shot, the game is over.

  Paintball Zone
Address: Laan van Londen, Dordrecht     
Open: reserve in advance
Online: paintballzone.nl

Paintball Zone, Dordrecht