Italian Boat Ride

The lovely port area and the houses that are half in the water already show that Dordrecht is also beautiful from the water. To experience this yourself, a boat tour is a must. Particularly the Italian speedboats of Imbarcazione Barone, that almost makes you feel like you’re in Venice. Benvenuto a bordo!

“Discover the historic city centre of Dordrecht and the port area with the Fraternità or the Nereïde.”

Imbarcazione Barone is the boat tour company of two brothers from Dordrecht with an Italian father and a Dutch mother. They’re very proud of their city and love to show it from the water with their Italian speedboats Nereïde and Fraternità. On the Pottenkade, nearby the Grote Kerk, you can board their boats and the captain will let you in on all the fun facts of the city with no less than 1,600 monuments. On board you can have pizza and get a coffee to go at Coffeelicious by the water. 

Hey, did you know?

When you sail underneath the historic, cast-iron Nieuwbrug, be sure to look up. In the past, the middle section had a hatch, allowing ships with a mast to easily sail underneath it.

  Varen in Dordrecht
Address: t.o. Pottenkade 8, Dordrecht
Open: upon agreement

Imbarcazione Barone