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Gastronomic gorging

If you’re on holiday in Brabant, the chances are that you enjoy Burgundian food. What better place to go than ‘t Zusje? All the tapas dishes on the menu will ensure that you can spend a long evening of tasting and sharing. ​

“At ‘t Zusje, you can enjoy your tapas in what used to be Dutch army stables.”

‘t Zusje may be a franchise formula but don’t be under any misapprehensions because it is certainly no ten-a-penny restaurant. Not only does it have a brasserie-like atmosphere, it is housed in a remarkable building, which used to be stables belonging to the Dutch army during the time when Bergen op Zoom was a garrison town. Besides Spanish tapas, the menu offer Italian and Asian dishes. Be sure to round off your meal with their grilled pineapple.

Nice to know

At ‘t Zusje, they firmly believe that the best way to enjoy your evening is without your smartphone. In fact, using their app, you can earn points if you don’t use your phone during your meal. The points then give you a chance of winning great prizes.

   ‘t Zusje
Address: Blokstallen 2, Bergen op Zoom
Open: daily from 5.30 p.m. to 10.30 p.m.   
Online: http://www.zusje-tapas.nl

Brasserie 't Zusje - Bergen op Zoom