Food without frills

Omke Jan is known locally as a ‘Boergundian’* meeting place. In fact, once you set foot inside and receive a warm welcome, you know you’re in for a great evening. The food that Omke Jan serves depends on the seasons and what the local farmers supply. (*boer=farmer)

“The food served at Omke Jan depends on the seasons and what the local farmers supply.”

Before you start enjoying your ‘food without frills’ you can spend some time feasting your eyes on the interior surroundings. Omke Jan is an authentic hauberg which has been modernised under the supervision of designer Piet Hein Eek and architect Iggie Dekkers. Eye-catching features include the wood-fired oven, the open kitchen and the table made from wood from the local sawmill. If you don’t fancy a full meal, pop in for the village snack on a Sunday evening.

Nice to know!

Who was Omke Jan? That was Jan Bles (1887-1969) trader and great-uncle of founder Jan Bles. He is remembered as a big-hearted, forward-thinking man with a strong love of Frisian culture. To the owners he was the source of inspiration for a place that is as honest and warm as the man himself.

  Omke Jan
Address: Iewal 44, Woudsend
Open: Mondays and Thursdays from 4pm, Friday to Sunday from 11am

Omke Jan