Festivities in the Hanseatic cities

From an outdoor theater to street art; during the Hanseatic Year, 9 Hanseatic cities in Eastern Netherlands take center stage with the most fun events.

From yesterday, via today to tomorrow

From April to December 2023, the 9 Hanseatic cities in the East will be dedicated to centuries of thought. To celebrate this, there will be packed events throughout the year. Do you love art, music, culture or sports? Then Hanseatic Cities is the right place for you! The program is updated every week and can be found on their website. Who are you going to the Hanseatic Cities with?

Hey, did you know?

While Amsterdam and Rotterdam were still small villages in the Middle Ages, the 9 Hanseatic cities in the eastern part of the Netherlands developed super powerful trading centers. Painters, master builders, poets and philosophers settled in these cities, which ensured a boom period in the artistic field.

where: Deventer, Doesburg, Elburg, Hardewijk, Hasselt, Hattem, Kampen, Zutphen, Zwolle
open: april to december 2023
online: www.visithansaholland.com


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