Cocktails and coffee

Aloha Bar is Rotterdam’s exotic hot spot and a great place for cocktails. It is located in the drained pools of what was once the Tropicana swimming oasis. This unusual location has a large terrace overlooking the Nieuwe Maas river.

“An exotic hotspot where you can drink cocktails while watching the Nieuwe Maas.”

Put on your Hawaiian shirt and flip-flops because it’s still tropical here. At Aloha, you can relax on deckchairs and enjoy a drink in the ‘outdoor pool’ overlooking the Nieuwe Maas. Make sure to have a good look around this unusual establishment because they’ve kept all the features of the swimming paradise, such as the rocks, stairs and original pool tiles used on the counter and coffee bar. Coffee bar? Oh yes, Aloha is also a coffee roasting house.

Nice to know!

Aloha Bar is part of Blue City. This is a group of entrepreneurs who don’t believe waste should be the end. For instance coffee grounds are used as a medium for the oyster mushrooms that are grown in this building.

Photography: Sophia Van Den Hoek

  Aloha Bar
Address: Maasboulevard 100, Rotterdam
Open: daily from noon

Aloha Rotterdam