A fish from Veenstra

Whether you’re staying on the water or not, be sure to try a herring or portion of fried fish chunks from the famous Veenstra’s Fish Hall in Heeg. Take a seat on the terrace overlooking the Eendracht marina on Heegermeer Lake.

“What you really have to try here is smoked eel. Each week, fishermen land their fresh catches which are then smoked by Veenstra.”

White fish, mackerel, salmon, tuna: name a species of fish and Veenstra will have it. What you really have to try here though is eel. Every week a fresh catch arrives for Veenstra to smoke. Heeg itself is inextricably attached to eel as the water sports town was a major player in the eel trade from the 17th to 20th centuries. Local fishermen used to transport living fish over to London in eel barges and they even had their own berths along the Thames.

Nice to know!

The Kornelis Ykes II is a reconstruction of an old eel barge once used to ship fish from Heeg to England. On Thursdays from May to September you can step aboard the barge for an evening cruise. In the high season, the barge also sails on Tuesday evenings.

  Veenstra’s Vishal
Address: De Helling 44, Heeg
Open: daily from 11am to 9pm
Online: http://veenstra-vishal.eu

De Oude Vishal