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A 5 minute scrub: join the club!

13 October 2016

Did you know that people in the Netherlands take a 9-minute shower on average? During these 9 minutes, we use no less than 72 litres of warm water! And, of course, a lot of this could be saved. WaterSpaarders (WaterSavers) challenges the Netherlands to save 5 billion litres of water within one year by taking a shower of no more than 5 minutes.

Today, Thursday 13 October, is National WaterSavers Day. This afternoon, Princess Laurentien and Jamai Loman – together with a group of primary school children – gave the starting signal for the ‘Five Billion Deal’ in Diergaarde Blijdorp Zoo Rotterdam. Jamai also wrote a song for the WaterSavers about saving water. This song broke a world record. As a symbolic commitment, every guest at the event signed a promise to only take 5-minute showers from now on.

In order to complete this challenge, 560,000 WaterSavers who take 5-minute showers are needed. Will you accept the challenge? Together, we can then ensure lower CO2 emission and save a lot of energy!