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Dutch Easter traditions

21 March 2016

March has arrived, Spring is around the corner and so is the Easter Weekend. For some people the 27th & 28th of March represent sleeping in and binging on Netflix, for others the weekend is about family, friends and traditions. Here is small list of some (Dutch) Easter traditions.

Easter loaf
In The Netherlands we like to eat, and when time permits we like to make breakfast into something special. Easter is the perfect excuse to do just this, preferably in the company of friends and family. The Easter loaf is a Dutch Easter breakfast staple, it is a rich fruit bread with an almond paste filling. Be sure to try it if you have the chance! Deviled eggs are another essential item.

Easter fire
Lighting a bonfire for Easter is a tradition that goes back many centuries. The biggest Easter fire of The Netherlands is usually lit in Espelo (province of Overijssel), and this year is no exception. Prior to the lighting of the bonfire there is a lantern parade, accompanied by a marching band. Then the bonfire is lit and the crowd can enjoy a drink in the heated marquee. In 2012 the Espelo bonfire was declared the highest in the world! The wood pile was 45,98 meters high, breaking the world record for tallest bonfire.

Easter furniture craze
Over the years, spending the second day of Easter shopping for furniture on the so-called ‘meubelboulevard’ (furniture mall) has made its way onto the list of Dutch Easter traditions. Furniture mall Alexandrium in Rotterdam has around 15.000 visitors on the second day of Easter. This number is an indication of the deep-rooted love of the Dutch for furniture shopping on Easter!

Whenever there is reason to celebrate, we Dutch like to think big. Paaspop is a three day festival that is held during the Easter weekend each year. About 175 acts appear on stage over the course of these three days. Think along the lines of Chef’Special, Jess Glynne and La Fuente.

Easter egg hunt
Younger kids especially love this part of Easter. Painted eggs and chocolate eggs of all sizes are hidden in the garden. It’s up to the children to find as many as they can, and beat each other to it. It’s not really a secret that most adults still like this game too!